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Frequently Asked Questions

My company already has IVR or plans to get one. Is it worth using Target Call's service?

Absolutely yes! Various companies worldwide who have purchased an IVR have discontinued its use, because presently it is more cost effective to use a specialized service to make calls. Having an IVR entails: Distraction from the company's main objective, the need for qualified personnel for programming, management and monitoring, maintenance contracts and routines, rotation of key staff, repairs, solution to technical issues, idleness, obsolescence and equipment depreciation, difficulty establishing clear costs for each made call, limits to delivering a large volume of calls in a short time, etc. Target Call "frees" your company from all the inconveniences of purchasing and operating an IVR, gives a unique price per call which is accountable, allows your company to concentrate on its objective, and streamlines the internal process of your business.

Why is it not a good idea to work with a company that provides massive services where I can enter and manage the campaign myself?

Massive process entails great responsibility; errors can ruin your company's reputation, or even make you face legal processes. For example, imagine the result of mistaking a starting time for a campaign for 3 am on a Sunday. Now imagine that you generate a telephone list and accidentally "include" an Excel � formula causing each telephone prefix to change inadvertently, resulting in thousands of calls to remote countries and impossible costs to assume. When working with Target Call, our professional collaborators check each detail, and we have a protocol for quality that ensures that errors, as the ones mentioned previously - and others which can prove worse - will never occur. Allow your workload to be managed by our highly qualified personnel.

What is the volume of calls that can be generated daily?

The amount of calls that can be generated daily depends on various factors; the length of message, coverage timetable, etc. Typically, we have the capacity to generate one million 30 second calls per day. Larger volumes can be processed with your prior notice.

How are services invoiced?

We only invoice answered calls independent to their duration and if they were answered a person or voice mail, this, because in the telephone business, when a call is answered, it implies a charge.

What is the minimum volume of calls per day?

We actually do not have a minimum volume; however, when a campaign has less than 1000 answered calls, we charge a fee for the creation and monitoring of the campaign. Alternately, you can trigger calls by sending an email to an inbox that we have previously set up for the processing requirements of your business.

What guarantee do I have of the continuity and rendering of services?

All our equipment and systems have back-ups. Damage or technical failure can occur in any service, our commitment is to resolve it in the least time possible. If failure occurs during a campaign, our client will be informed so he can decide to either reprogram or halt. All answered calls before the failure will be invoiced as normal.

What are the available methods of payment?

We accept credit cards, international bank transfers, banking deposits and Paypal.

Can you guarantee that prices will not fluctuate from the time of quote and the time that I use the service?

Service prices do not change frequently. Any fluctuation in price will be informed to our clients quickly. In order to ensure, we suggest you request a Pro forma Invoice which includes conditions, is fully backed and has legal validity.

Can I serve clients in more than one language?

Yes, Target Call is a service for companies in a global economy, there is no limit to language or dialect. With the assistance of our business partners, we can create professional audio fully adapted to your requirements, for example: We can create a recorded message of a woman with an accent from the south of Shanghai, China, in her 30's, with university education and who addresses the message in a tone of "urgency".

What is the coverage of service?

By means of our partner network we have worldwide coverage, including phones on ships, offshore platforms and aircraft.

How far ahead should I provide my telephone list?

It depends on the size of the list and the hours that the campaign will be held. For most cases, 24 hours is more than enough time. For more urgent matters, please ask.

Technically, what equipment, infrastructure, hardware, software or qualified staff do I need to start working with Target Call?

None. You only need a list of phone numbers which you can send us by email. This is the only material that we need from you in order to work.

My company details are strictly confidential. How can you guarantee this shall remain?

The reason our company exists is the confidence that our clients have trusted in us day-to-day. We treat this confidence with the utmost respect and comply with our information confidentiality and security protocol, to which we are fully committed.

Who are your clients? Can you give me references for them?

Our clients are companies at worldwide, regional or local levels. Because of our confidentiality and security protocol we are not authorized to provide their names, or commercially exploit them to our benefit. However, we can request that a counted number of them - as deemed convenient - provide references of our services.

How can I ensure that Target Call's invoicing is reliable?

Easily, in the telephone list that you send us, you can include a few numbers that only you know (testers), our service will call them and whichever the response (answer/no answer) will be shown clearly on your invoice.

My client's telephone details do not have a definite format; they include spaces, commas, periods, hyphens between characters and some text. Will Target Call clean up and prepare the data to be used by your platform?

Yes, this service incurs an additional cost, please consult our sales representatives. Our service fees do not reflect the inherent cost that data clean up implies.